C2Core provides strategy, air and cyber mission planning and tasking, airspace planning and tasking, network operations planning and OPTASKLINK generation, targeting and ISR, execution monitoring and dynamic replanning, and post-mission assessment capabilities that link requests, effects, operational guidance, and supporting tasks within a temporal and geospatial unified database environment.

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Formerly known as SWIC, C2Core is currently utilized in both U.S. and international operational C2 environments. Capabilities within C2Core are modular, which allows delivery of multiple tailored application offerings such as MAAPTK, C2Core Cyber, NAPPIC (C2Core Canada), and C2Core New Zealand.

  • Seamless integration of Strategy-through-Assessment processes with strategy-to-task linkage
  • Mission planning and execution monitoring with USMTF ATO, ACO, and OPTASKLINK output
  • Net-enabled web services for missions, FrOB, airspaces, mission task requests, strategy, targets, and more
  • Collaborative planning and execution
  • Kinetic/non-kinetic engagement
  • Lightweight, small hardware resource footprint
  • Scalable from one to hundreds of users
  • Accredited for classified network use
  • Interoperable with GCCS, TBMCS, JMPS, PFPS, AFATDS, and AMDWS