C2Core Cyber

In a modern battlespace, commanders require planning that follows their strategic guidance coupled with real-time situational awareness of the battlespace.

C2Core Cyber, using the Strategy through Assessment workflow developed for C2Core®, delivers command and control of cyber operations by assisting cyber experts with creating, communicating, and carrying out a comprehensive plan for their defensive and offensive cyber engagements. C2Core Cyber provides a continuous and dynamic cyber planning and execution monitoring capability linking operational guidance, targeting information, and supporting tasking.

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C2Core Cyber is used operationally in support of command and control of both defensive and offensive cyber missions. Every cyber mission is conducted with a linkage to the commander’s guidance that can be referenced when making real-time decisions as well as later for post-mission assessment reporting. Missions are planned and communicated to executing units and incorporated in the Cyber Tasking Order using C2Core Cyber. Remote participants can visualize and retrieve mission details from the command authority and provide status updates and other tactical information using the C2Core Cyber web application.

For more information on C2Core Cyber, download our datasheet.

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