Polaris Alpha’sMulti-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) solution, C2Core®, delivers the only current option for full-spectrum operations by transparently combining all your needs into a single integrated, actionable database.

Our innovative software provides mission management, strategic assessment, and situational awareness across domains to effectively address threats, project combat capability, decrease complexity, and increase decision times for today’s and tomorrow’s multi-domain environment. Additionally, our agile processes and DevOps approach to capabilities development ensures that the most current and capable tools are available to the warfighter when and where they are needed.

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  • Coordinated operations across multiple domains
  • Hierarchical commander guidance with solutions available in all domains
  • Operation center and executing unit collaboration via web browser
  • Cyber and space mission planning for offensive and defensive operations
  • Package planning for grouping and coordinating missions from multiple domains with an identified package commander
  • Integrated search and filter of all mission data and user alerts
  • Multi-Domain Operations Directive (MDOD)/Multi-Domain Operations Plan (MDOP) generation documenting commander’s guidance
  • Execution status monitoring of missions and resources
  • Integrated search and filter of all mission data
  • 2D, 3D, and 4D data visualization of maps, timelines, and tables
  • Temporal synchronization and playback

For more information on C2Core MDC2, download our datasheet.

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