To meet today’s mission objectives, systems must process an increasing amount of data without downtime. Guaranteed data processing capacity and resiliency with dedicated hardware is no longer practical.

The Cloud Native Streaming Platform (CNSP) is a cloud-native, streaming-data processing framework that incorporates simultaneous IT and mission monitoring to provide real-time system analytics and enable quick identification of problems either in a test environment or during operations. Our platform development is accelerated through an advanced DevOps platform that makes “doing the right thing” synonymous with “doing the fastest thing” when delivering product updates. The CNSP platform is chaos engineered to provide a resilient architecture.

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Polaris Alpha can provide expertise in all facets of Cloud Computing, with real-world experience designing, implementing, and maintaining cloud environments of all kinds. We have provided solutions with on-premise clouds using VMWare and OpenStack, public clouds based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and hybrid cloud solutions for offloading peak usage and temporary environments.

We are an Advanced Consulting Partner of the AWS Partner Network, providing cooperation with Amazon to ensure delivery of the best solutions for our customers’ needs. Whether optimizing for data security, cost, scalability, performance, availability, or recoverability, Polaris Alpha’s experts in cloud computing achieve all this and more. Our AWS certifications allow us to provide our customers the most from the cloud.

Amplifying Mission Value through Cloud Computing is a case study demonstrating how we provided massive improvements in delivery of system quality by proper use of cloud automation and DevOps practices—all while migrating a legacy code base. (Note: The execution of this contract was performed under the legal entity name Solidyn Solutions, Inc. prior to acquisition under Polaris Alpha.)