Cyber + SIGINT

With the rise of a tech-reliant defense industry comes the rise of threats to critical information. Cyber and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) focuses on fortifying our nation’s cyber infrastructure against such threats. Through advanced, adaptable, and scalable analytic tools and capabilities, we’ll help prepare organizations—both defensively and offensively—for the constant menace of cyberattacks.

Built to handle the increasing variety, volume, and velocity of virtual data, our solutions provide a comprehensive means to monitor, visualize, and exploit adversarial capabilities, enabling insightful decisions to defend critical assets from illicit attacks. Our team of experts operates on the forefront of cybersecurity while delivering cutting-edge cyber innovations that incorporate applied research, concept exploration, and capability demonstrations. Additionally, we develop SIGINT solutions that collect, transform, analyze, and distribute data used by our adversaries.

Our Cyber and SIGINT solutions and services are currently deployed by and exercised within the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.