Cyberspace continues to increase in both our reliance upon and others’ threats to its security. As a result, cyber risk management has become a crucial component in the secure operation of organizations nationwide. However, with the rate at which threats are increasing and evolving, organizations are unsure how to protect their networks, servers, and sensitive data in a way that is both effective and proactive in discovering security gaps and risks before it’s too late.

At Polaris Alpha, we take a different approach to cybersecurity with our CyberVigilance™ (CV) program. Our cybersecurity experts deliver effective, pragmatic solutions that add value and depth to any security posture. With flexible offerings and a suite of tiers designed to best meet individual business requirements, our services equip organizations with ongoing access to the expertise they need in an easy-to-understand way so they can act before they’re hacked.

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Our flexible service offerings enable organizations to research, remediate, and respond to the current and targeted future states of their security footprints.

  • Research and gain insight into the degree of risk posed by a current security posture.
  • Remediate risks and eliminate threats by implementing a strategic plan to improve a security posture.
  • Respond to and anticipate threats via managed services tailored to site-specific needs.

For more information on our three-part approach, download our datasheet.

Unique to CV is its use of a fully interactive dashboard for quick access to information regarding an organization’s most critical risk factors. This user-friendly, intuitive UI provides several visualization methods for easy understanding of current risk elements as well as the ability to track the overall security posture as investments and improvements are made over time.

For more information on our risk report dashboard, download our datasheet.


CV adheres to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which offers a high-level, overarching view of a company’s cybersecurity risk and includes a collection of information references, existing standards, guidelines, and practices. Published in February 2014, this framework has received considerable attention by providing a risk-based approach to cybersecurity protection of critical infrastructure systems and functions at all levels. CV leverages this proven approach, allowing organizations to better determine their current and target security profiles as well as next steps to remediate findings.