Embedded Engineering

At Polaris Alpha, we specialize in bridging the boundary between hardware and software by bringing the skills and experience necessary to develop and test a complete solution for mission-critical embedded systems. Our services offer the capabilities organizations need to succeed on time and within budget.

  • Mobile devices
  • Board support packages
  • Packet processors
  • Custom Linux distributions

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To truly provide a best-value solution, we incorporate the following key steps and practices into our embedded developments:

  • Analyze requirements and generate use cases
  • Evaluate commercially available components and systems
  • Design for scalability and flexibility
  • Implement solid configuration management practices

When designing and developing embedded systems, we are passionate about providing simple and reliable embedded solutions that last.  We consider this one of our core values.

At Polaris Alpha, we develop code that is modular and testable. Testing is not an afterthought when we develop a system; it is at the forefront of our design and development process.

Our experience ranges from simple microcontroller designs to complex multiprocessor systems. We are experienced in all aspects of the embedded system—from the board design, to the low-level bootloader code, to real-time operating systems and application-level software. Examples of our current embedded system work include the following:

  • Embedded Linux device drivers
  • Custom Linux distributions
  • Flash memory drivers
  • Custom ethernet drivers
  • Android applications and device drivers
  • Handheld controllers
  • Board support packages

Our team of highly skilled engineers can analyze all types of computer and network equipment to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities. Our expertise spans multiple platforms, processors, and operating systems to satisfy mission requirements.