Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), humanitarian groups, and other non-military institutions face many challenges when sharing unclassified information across a geographically dispersed audience. Security concerns, location-based obstacles, and language barriers often impede the dissemination of critical data.

When these organizations need to collect, organize, and share unclassified data across multiple locations, they turn to the International Distributed Unified Reporting Environment (INDURE). Available in five languages, INDURE provides a net-centric, structured database and secure reporting that support humanitarian assistance, socio-cultural awareness, and assessment activities regardless of location or connectivity.

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INDURE allows users to manage and share data within a single reporting environment. The platform is simple to use and can be customized to meet the needs of any group or organization. Interfacing with a variety of external databases, INDURE provides leaders with the data needed to enhance situational understanding. The longer the system is in use, the more robust the data becomes, enabling users to make better decisions.

For more information on ease of use and customization capabilities, download our datasheet.

INDURE Mobile makes it easy to create, search, and share relevant data from anywhere using a map-based interface. Delivering the same features as the web-based client, the application allows decision makers in the field to properly adjust activities as new information becomes available. What’s more, users are alerted of nearby potential threats or hazards—a key feature supported even if the user has no data connection.

For more information on INDURE Mobile, download our datasheet.

A tool for efficient data collection and dissemination among groups who would not normally share information, INDURE currently supports security, rule of law, economic development, humanitarian assistance, socio-cultural awareness, and assessment efforts. However, the platform can be expanded to support any organization focused on saving lives, protecting property, and improving decision making. The system is used extensively for Assess-Train-Advise-Assist operations and is optimized to support disaster recovery operations. INDURE also facilitates the transfer of activities from civilian, law enforcement, and military organizations to local or internal groups.