The Assessment and Authorization (A&A) of today’s DoD systems has become an extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Identifying and remediating security compliance issues while keeping pace with ever-evolving development is a challenge all information assurance analysts now face. Additionally, the manual data collection processes risk the introduction of human error into analyses as well as make it impossible to keep up with the Continuous Monitoring requirements necessary to ensure compliance.

INSPECT reduces the time spent understanding enterprise security footprints, eliminating the manual aggregation and compilation of security risks altogether. Automating the system A&A process, INSPECT simplifies the tedious task of security compliance analysis, reporting, and review by automatically ingesting security scans and providing visual displays of the current system security status. From an organization’s thousands of hosts, the most non-compliant systems are easily identified and managed via an easy-to-understand dashboard, allowing analysts to focus on discovered issues rather than wading through thousands of scan results.

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INSPECT provides an automated heatmap of the security status of monitored systems. There is no longer a need for a security professional to wade through the thousands of scan reports generated by security tools. INSPECT dashboards allow users to see thousands of hosts at a glance and visually highlight an organization’s most vulnerable systems. This focuses their effort to the most impactful areas, maximizing their time investment. INSPECT has been shown to reduce analysis time by over 85%.

Reviewing any monitored component in the system is effortless. With a few clicks, security professionals can drill down from the enterprise level to specific hosts. Using the same interface as reflected at the system level decreases training time and provides security professionals the information necessary to access vulnerability details and remediation approaches.

INSPECT provides security professionals the ability to view detailed scan results and customized reporting. Time-saving displays map scan results to Government control sets (e.g., DoDI 8500.2, NIST SP 800-53) as well as to program-level requirements exported from ReqPro or DOORS. Waivers and mitigations can be added directly into INSPECT, ensuring a single repository of current system security data.