The Master Air Attack Planning Toolkit (MAAPTK)® is a collaborative Air Tasking Order (ATO) planning tool used in the Air Operations Center (AOC) to develop and manage blue force data, airspaces, and the complete set of air missions supported in the resultant ATO message. MAAPTK provides near-real-time battlespace information that enables planners to visualize and generate battle plans that are accurate and appropriate to developing situations. Planners can view key information on tables, timelines, maps, graphs, and grids so that they can quickly understand the essential elements of a situation; they are also able to create the appropriate missions and packages using simple drag-and-drop operations.

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  • Minimizes need for MAAP personnel to plot resource information manually on paper, significantly streamlining the MAAP and ATO production process and reducing AOC manpower requirements
  • Produces USMTF ATO and Airspace Control Order (ACO) messages
  • Provides mission-planning support for Network Enabled Weapons (NEW) and produces USMTF ATONEWS messages
  • Provides interoperability with GCCS, TBMCS, JMPS, PFPS, AFATDS, and AMDWS
  • Provides integrated JICO capabilities for generating Link-16, Link-11/11B, Sat Link-16, CNR, JRE, and SADL communication network plans and produces USMTF OPTASKLINK and OTLNEWS messages
  • Accurately predicts fuel usage and reduces wasted fuel via high-fidelity fuel planning
  • Produces mensurated JDPI coordinate information in T3D data format
  • Creates PowerPoint presentations of mission plan overviews

For more information on MAAPTK, download our datasheet.

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