Polaris Alpha is a proud host of several local meetups, bringing together like-minded professionals to learn about and collaborate with some of today’s most innovative applications and open-source solutions. If you are interested in attending, please RSVP using the links provided for each scheduled meetup.

Colorado Springs Open Source

If you are in the Colorado Springs area, please join us for the Colorado Springs Open Source Meetup Group on the first Monday of each month! Gather to discuss the benefits of using open source projects and developing open source software. Hear great speakers on open source topics ranging from Apache Open Source projects to new Dynamic languages and frameworks. Be sure to RSVP at!

Docker Meetup

Learn, Collaborate & Dockerize! Meet other developers and ops engineers in the community that are using and learning about Docker. Docker is an open platform that helps you build, ship and run applications anytime and anywhere. Developers use Docker to modify code and to streamline application development, while operations gain support to quickly and flexibly respond to their changing needs. Docker ensures agility, portability and control for all your distributed apps. If you are in the Colorado Springs area, please join us for the our next Docker Meetup! Food and drinks will be provided. More information can be found at Hope to see you there!