Future conflicts are becoming more complex and dangerous than ever, crossing multiple domains at speeds that will render current processes and policies ineffective. We must seamlessly integrate time-sensitive planning, execution, and assessment capabilities across air, cyber, land, maritime, and space domains to overcome our adversaries.

Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) provides innovative software for mission management, strategic assessment, and situational awareness to effectively address threats in today’s multi-domain environment.

Our solutions help visualize key information for quickly understanding the essential elements of a situation, transforming data from aggregate to actionable in support of near-real-time decision making—an asset critical to mission success and staying one step ahead of the enemy. Whether providing truly integrated cross-domain planning or expediting critical Operational and Strategic assessment, we are poised and ready to address any requirements.

Today, our solutions support several full-scale operations spanning all major domains in the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and allied Governments, advancing efforts related to public safety, law enforcement, homeland security, and customs and border protection.

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