Polaris Alpha Awarded
$2.3 Million in DARPA AIDA Subcontract

We are proud to announce Polaris Alpha has been awarded a $2.3 million subcontract to help DARPA in its efforts to develop new artificial intelligence tools for fast-changing battlefield environments.

Polaris Alpha will be teamed with Raytheon BBN Technologies, to develop semantic-based abductive reasoning capabilities in support of the DARPA Active Interpretation of Disparate Alternatives (AIDA) program.  The goal of the program is to create a “multi-hypothesis semantic engine,” that will process information and intelligence from fast-changing, chaotic, dangerous situations and provide interpretations as to what is really happening.

“We will be using advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to quickly process enormous amounts of information,” said Dr. Mark Gerken, Chief Scientist, Multi-Domain Operations Directorate, Polaris Alpha.  “We’ll know in seconds what it might take a team of analysts days to discover.”

Polaris Alpha will leverage prior abductive reasoning research and development (R&D) it conducted under various National Reconnaissance Office and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency programs.  The R&D will be performed within the Analytics & Machine Intelligence Division at the Polaris Alpha facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

About Polaris Alpha

Polaris Alpha provides advanced technical capabilities, specialized domain expertise, and mission-critical solutions to Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers. The company has approximately 1,300 employees with major offices in Annapolis Junction, MD; Columbia, MD; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; and Fredericksburg, VA as well as customer sites both domestically and internationally. For further details on Polaris Alpha customers and capabilities, please visit www.polarisalpha.com or the company's LinkedIn page.


Neal Stein
Technology PR Solutions