Polaris Alpha Unveils New Electromagnetic Engineering Laboratory

Lab Will Help Federal Agencies Deal with Impact of FCC Spectrum Sell-Off

Dahlgren, VA, April 4, 2018 — Polaris Alpha today announced it has opened a new laboratory designed to help federal agencies understand the impact of the Federal Communications Commission’s auctioning of communications spectrum.  Through the spectrum auctions, commercial entities are now operating in spectrum shared or near government and military bandwidth, and that may impact the federal usage of that spectrum.  The Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering Laboratory (ESEL), in Polaris Alpha’s Dahlgren, VA facility, is designed to better understand that impact.

The ESEL lab, which recently opened in December, includes a broad array of sophisticated testing equipment.  A team of specialists are examining the implications of changes in spectrum usage in the AWS-3 bandwidth.  There are concerns about new commercial users encroaching on government and military entities’ ability to communicate, potentially threatening their capability to respond to national security operations.

The lab has already attracted attention not only from a number of Polaris Alpha’s customers, but also from commercial vendors, who are requesting to use the lab as well.  Equipment vendors also serving the U.S. military and federal government will be leveraging the lab to ensure their products do not adversely impact their customers’ operations.

“This laboratory is a one-of-a-kind facility in this region, and it will play a very important role in helping to mitigate any impacts this spectrum sell-off will have on federal agencies,” said Mark Coleman, Senior Vice President, Electromagnetic Warfare, Polaris Alpha.  “We are very proud of the investment and commitment that Polaris Alpha has made with this facility.  It will go a long way towards ensuring this significant movement of spectrum users will go as smoothly as possible, without impacting our country’s ability to protect its citizens from any threats.”

The Spectrum Relocation Fund Act was put into effect several years ago to assist federal agencies in their efforts to understand the impact of the spectrum auctions.  The Polaris Alpha laboratory provides them with an environment and tools designed specifically to execute the testing needed for this process.

About Polaris Alpha

Polaris Alpha provides advanced technical capabilities, specialized domain expertise, and mission-critical solutions to Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers. The company has approximately 1,300 employees with major offices in Annapolis Junction, MD; Columbia, MD; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; Colorado Springs, CO; Denver, CO; and Fredericksburg, VA as well as customer sites both domestically and internationally. For further details on Polaris Alpha customers and capabilities, please visit www.polarisalpha.com or the company's LinkedIn page.


Neal Stein
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