Public Safety

For those working in public safety, the post-9/11 security environment has become an increasingly challenging and complex terrain; from the specter of terrorism to crime, riots, and other critical incidents, agencies are perpetually challenged to create safer communities while working faster and more accurately than ever before.

Our Public Safety solutions are here to help, offering the technology—and the proficiency in data engineering—to equip public safety agencies with ways to generate the knowledge and intelligence needed to keep communities safe and secure. Our solutions support intelligence-led policing, a new security methodology that focuses on arming agencies with tools to more quickly discover, share, and act on information that reveals trends in criminal behavior, connects dots in far-reaching investigations, and gives investigators and analysts the ability to predict and assign resources to trouble spots.

Currently, our Public Safety solutions benefit police departments, correctional institutions, and fusion centers worldwide, providing knowledge and intelligence that give a clearer view of the criminal and counter-terrorism environments.