Rapid Prototyping

Trying to realize design concepts via virtual visualization is a difficult and costly process, especially since flaws are less likely to be noticed until after production. Rapid Prototyping not only provides the means to develop innovative products but also focuses on keeping costs as low as possible.

Our experienced engineers design, develop, program, and fabricate solutions for a range of capabilities. We provide full lifecycle system support—from requirements-gathering via design and development to testing, fielding, and support. To help form, fit, and model how a system will look, we use rapid prototype printers and completed parts that are quickly available for review and test.

Our facility offers an array of capabilities, including sensor and vehicle integration high bays, a 3D printing room, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Laser Centering, a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly room for automated circuit board assembly, a Pick-n-Place machine, and a microelectronics development facility. Additional facilities house a CNC Mill and CNC Lathe as well as software development environments for quality control and testing of all applications and embedded software via virtual machines.

We provide engineering and technical services to a range of Department of Defense and Intelligence Community customers, emphasizing the need to develop and prototype cutting-edge sensing systems and approaches toward harnessing the electromagnetic spectrum.