Today’s increased demands in voice, data, and video quality, combined with outdated satellite and radio communications equipment, threaten mission success. While most solutions on the market support these demands, oftentimes the costs are high. Additionally, implementation and integration of these expensive solutions into existing networks can be slow and cumbersome. In an environment where any communications downtime can result in substantial consequences during critical operations, solutions that address cost, speed, and efficiency are the only acceptable options.

Advancements in microwave-based technology offer a high-bandwidth, low-latency approach to communication that is reliable, rapidly deployable, and cost efficient. Our Rapid Microwave Line of Sight (MLoS) Network (RoMaN) supports and standardizes rapid transmissions via state-of-the-art equipment built to withstand harsh climates. With a reusable, flexible, and highly mobile architecture capable of rapid installation on existing networks or as new communication links, RoMaN is changing the deployed communication landscape.

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RoMaN provides a cost-efficient, technically superior MLoS solution offering a low signature and small profile with a limited footprint requirement. It offers a total bandwidth of up to 300Mb with bidirectional IP network connections and no recurring bandwidth costs.

RoMaN uses Cambium-specific radios, which are built to connect users up to a 200km range via persistent network and IP relay connection points independent of equipment locations. Though RoMaN is designed to integrate with any existing equipment setup, Cambium is the low-cost, high-tech option currently on the market.

Involved in theater efforts since 2010, we continue to support rapid delivery of voice, video, and data transmissions for mission success. We have been part of the successful deployment of over 700 systems in operation environments and continue to maintain those systems to this day. As a result, RoMaN systems are now emplaced and available to units as a pipeline for data, voice, and video transmissions and have become the primary communication of choice for network backbones on and between Forward Operating Bases (FOBs).

For those organizations needing integration into existing software and equipment setups, we offer several standup and support services to initiate and maintain instances within site-specific needs.

  • Site survey and installation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Network engineering and configuration
  • Network monitoring and helpdesk support
  • Sustainment operations
  • Logistics support