Solidyn Solutions can provide expertise in all facets of Cloud Computing, with real-world experience designing, implementing and maintaining cloud environments of all kinds. We have provided solutions with on-premise clouds using VMWare and OpenStack, public clouds based on AWS, and hybrid cloud solutions for offloading peak usage and temporary environments.

See our whitepaper on Amplifying Mission Value through Cloud Computing, a case study on how we provided massive improvements in delivery of system quality by proper use of Cloud automation and DevOps practices – all while migrating a legacy code-base.

Additionally, Solidyn Solutions is an Advanced Consulting Partner of the AWS Partner Network, allowing cooperation with Amazon to ensure delivery the best solutions for our customers needs. Whether optimizing for data security, cost, scalability, performance, availability or recoverability, Solidyn Solutions has experts in the cloud computing field to achieve those goals.


Expertise Overview

Our innovative Cloud Native Streaming Platform (CNSP) incorporates simultaneous IT and mission monitoring to provide real-time system analytics and enable quick identification of problems either in a test environment or operations. Our platform development is accelerated through an advanced DevOps platform that makes “Doing the Right Thing” synonymous with “Doing the Fastest Thing” when delivering product updates.  The CNSP platform is chaos engineered to provide a resilient architecture.

For more information on CNSP, please click here.

In recent years the nature of cyber security, information assurance and the challenges to security analysis professionals have changed significantly. To address these changes, Solidyn Solutions has invested in IT monitoring and compliance technology by creating its INSPECTTM product. Greater threats, virtualization, distributed and cloud based systems have increased the work of the security professional by several orders of magnitude. The migration to continuous monitoring from the 3-year accreditation cycle requires security professionals to understand the current configurations of their system at any moment. Performing security scans, understanding the associated output, and being able to quickly report on the output are “must-have” capabilities for today’s security professional.

For more information on INSPECTTM, please click here.

Most existing 3-dimensional (3D) modeling and visualization tools require expensive licenses and specialized software and hardware in order to use.

Solidyn Solutions has developed UniverseTM , 3D technology that:

  • Provides 3D modeling using a Javascript library
  • Displays anything with a geo-coordinate on an Earth-based display
    • Ground based – land or sea based vehicles, ground stations, data points
    • Space based – vehicles, debris, sensors
  • Allows modeling through time using customizable propagation functions
  • Provides a simple user interactive interface, using a stock browser without plugins

Discriminators of UniverseTM are:

  • Easy modeling of space, air and ground objects without plug-ins
  • Fly mission scenarios with a few mouse clicks – easy for novices
  • 100% web-based means no licensing, versioning, or thick-client software
  • Web-based, fast, open source
  • 3D visualization of any geospatial data (earth, air or space based)
  • Rich 3D features and user controls
  • Simple, powerful API enables full user customization