Space Solutions

Since the end of the Cold War, the United States has been the definitive leader in space. Once the realm of scientific research and surveillance capabilities, space has emerged as an increasingly contested environment in recent years. Our nation’s most formidable adversaries have opened a new front in the battle for information superiority. Space Solutions aims to address these advances, focusing on building the next generation of analysis and decision-making tools.

Our team of world-class engineers, technologists, and subject matter experts (SMEs) work closely with allied operators and analysts to ensure we’re meeting real-world requirements. By employing Agile methodologies, we rapidly deliver new capabilities that allow for the flexibility needed to re-prioritize features as requirements evolve. Our enterprise solutions run the gamut—from immersive 3D visualizations to scalable, service-oriented architectures. We also develop and maintain many of the astrodynamics standards that are the foundation for the business logic contained in all modern space solutions.

Thousands of Department of Defense and Intelligence Community operators and analysts rely on our solutions every day to maintain space situational awareness (SSA) and support operational decision making. This is a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence in the support of this critical mission.