Video surveillance is critical for monitoring and recording suspicious and criminal activities; however, many organizations are vulnerable to real-time threats because they lack the necessary funds or staff to manually analyze large amounts of video data.

Fortunately, our advanced video processing and exploitation framework called Video Quotient (VQ) can accelerate the analysis of video data. VQ’s configurable architecture allows for rapid integration of current and custom analytics, enhances the ability to process tens of thousands of hours of video from different camera types, and provides real-time and forensic capabilities to identify relevant threats. VQ can be customized to meet many different needs, and it seamlessly integrates into any existing infrastructure.

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VQ analyzes data from numerous video streams in real time and provides alerts of suspicious activities, persons of interest, and the exact locations where those alerts are occurring. This allows security personnel to participate in real-time situational awareness instead of manual processing after events occur. The system also delivers forensic end-to-end video ingestion, storage, indexing, search, and visualization of video data, and it can be added to an existing Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to provide search capabilities, visualization options, and cloud analytics.

For more information on real-time capabilities, download our datasheet.

Designed for security and intelligence data exploitation, VQ provides ways to aggregate data types—including prior suspicious activities, threat alerts, or security communications—for an all-in-one video surveillance security solution. With its flexible architecture designed to deploy to multiple configurations—from hardware-level to cloud-as-service—VQ can turn existing surveillance equipment into “smart equipment” with the ability to process and detect activities as they are captured. Organizations with large-scale environments can utilize VQ within the cloud to collect and store massive amounts of video data and scale processing power based on demand.

For more information on VQ’s architecture, download our datasheet.

Continued surveillance innovation and evolution is critical as threats continue to adapt and strengthen over time. VQ remains on the cutting edge by integrating the latest analytics from a software community that includes dozens of the leading open-source, academic, commercial, and government developers. Depending on the type of threat, analytics can include face detection and recognition, tracking, area intrusion, objects left behind, and others. VQ future-proofs any video monitoring enterprise by utilizing plug-ins that can be rapidly integrated as new sensors, analytics, or data types are identified.